Zaniolo at Juventus, Bianconeri conditions: Arthur to negotiate or skip the deal. Di Maria in Turin

Zaniolo and the Juventus They love each other, but the Bianconeri are not crazy ready to take him to Turin. exactly the contrary. Director Cherubini does not move from the show already presented to Rome: Brazilian midfielder Arthur In the Giallorossi, its balance is between 20 and 25 million euros. In Turin, and that is … Read more

Juventus and De Ligt between Bayern and Chelsea: negotiations and plans

The pressure on Koulibaly is a sign of the Dutchman’s rising bid for the Bianconeri. Once the tournament was over, Juventus already had three strikes on their agenda… The new front of the Juventus market is called Kalidou Koulibaly, but the premise needed to open it is the definition of Matthijs De Ligt’s exit: the … Read more

Juventus meets Zaniolo’s agent. All news

Busy afternoon to manage Juventus. After speaking with Coulibaly’s agent, Juventus sporting director Federico Cherubini also met with Nicolo Zaniolo’s agents (which ends in 2024), the same ones that take care of the interests of Alvaro Morata. A meeting where the parties have studied a formula for making an offer to Rome, but it will … Read more

Juventus meets Zaniolo’s agents: negotiations begin directly

A summit between Juventus managers and Figorelli, Roma’s attacking representative Juventus is increasingly active in the lead, Nicolo Zaniolo. In the evening in Milan, he communicated with the player’s agent, Claudio Vigorelli. The club is preparing for the decisive rush, with the realization that Roma are not willing to underestimate the player. The demand of … Read more

Juventus and De Ligt: Besides Chelsea, there is Bayern

Nadia Manchester remains in the background. The Bianconeri would like to determine the Dutchman’s future as quickly as possible, so as not to risk another Ronaldo case De Ligt auction is open. There’s also Bayern on the player, with a first offer not enough to bid for Juve but almost equal to that of Chelsea, … Read more

De Ligt, Chelsea attack: Juventus between Koulibaly and Gabriel

The Bianconeri expect to relaunch the blues for the Dutchman: they are targeting 80-90 million. The Dutch replacement plan has already been determined Thomas Tuchel is persuasive. If it were for the German coach, there would be no doubt: Chelsea’s first reinforcement in defense would be Matthijs de Ligt, and the second between Aki (Manchester … Read more

Juve with De Ligt is the final break: Juventus moves

As reported by Sportmediaset, Juventus and De Ligt are ready to say goodbye. Obviously, the Dutchman’s words in the spring, which frightened the Juventus fans, were not just fleeting. The defender is not satisfied with his way in Turin and wants to change the atmosphere. Juventus, Arrivabene’s words about De Ligt And Juventus is ready … Read more

The arrival of Di Maria Juventus, the king of assists for Vlahovic

The Argentine was expected to arrive in Turin next week for medical examinations: then the last days of vacation The weather forecast for Turin shows a barrage of aid from the Balearic Islands next week. Angel Di Maria in Ibiza is still enjoying the last few days of his vacation. His agent, Lisandro Pirosanto, is … Read more