Kyiv demands a raid on Russian drilling rigs – the last hour

(ANSA) – Kyiv, June 21 – Ukraine has claimed responsibility for the raids carried out in the last hours against Russian drilling rigs in the Black Sea, claiming that they targeted military “installations” in Moscow. Russia had reported yesterday a platform attack that would have left at least 3 injured and 7 missing, while nearly … Read more

Ukraine war Russia, today’s latest news about the crisis. directly

Eni enters the world’s largest LNG project in Qatar: the Italian company has in fact been chosen by Qatar Energy as the new international partner for the expansion of the Northeast Field project in the Gulf state. The six-legged dog makes him recognizable in a note. The Minister of State for Energy Affairs, President and … Read more

“Hypochondriac, always hangs out with the doctors and is obsessed with Botox”

how are you put it in? hypochondriacal disease or chronic disease? Professor Michael Clarke, Professor of War at King’s College London, said the topic was hotly debated: What does the president have? What kind of pathology are you resistant to? He said one thing for sure, which is His doctors never turn away from him. … Read more

Kyiv received 10% of the weapons ordered from the West – the last hour

(ANSA) – Kyiv, June 14 – Ukraine has received “about 10% of the weapons” that asked its Western partners to fight the Russian army. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. “Of the weapons we need, we have received about 10%,” Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maliar told Ukrainian television. “No matter how … Read more

Zelensky, we are at the crucial moment, we are waiting for yes from the EU – the last hour

(ANSA) – Kyiv, June 11 – “This is a decisive moment not only for Ukraine but for the entire European continent: Russia wants to divide and weaken the European Union. Europe is its target.” This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in a joint statement with Ursula von der Leyen, stressing how … Read more

Ukraine war Russia, today the latest news about the crisis and Putin. directly

New military aid from France to Ukraine France will remain zealous to meet Ukraine’s needs, including heavy weapons.” This was confirmed by French President Emmanuel Macron during a new phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. “We discussed other military aid to Ukraine,” he added in a tweet, stressing that “particular attention was paid … Read more

Ukraine, pro-Russians sentence the British to death. London anger: “They are prisoners of war” – the world

Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic British ‘mercenaries’ sentenced to death Aiden Aslin, 28, from Nottinghamshire, Shaun Benner, 48, from Bedfordshire, and Saoudoun Ibrahim, a Moroccan national, are fighting in the Ukrainian army. Russian agencies announce this. Pro-Russians accuse the army of being “mercenaries” but the families of the British, according to the BBC, … Read more

Kyiv, negotiations with Moscow go from defeats in battle – the last hour

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, June 08 – “Russia says President Zelensky’s request to withdraw behind the February 24 line is ‘not serious’. This shows that Moscow remains focused on war, not diplomacy, and sends a clear message to the world: Russia’s path to the table Negotiations go through defeats on the battlefield.” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro … Read more

Ukraine, Severodonetsk fell, 800 civilians are still fortified at the Azot-Mundo plant

by Cristoforo Spinella Residential areas in Severodonetsk They are “completely” under Russian control. After days of fierce fighting, with constant claims of reversals at the front, the easternmost city in the hands of Ukraine appears to have surely fallen. With its urban center, 97% of the Lugansk region has passed into the hands of Moscow. … Read more

Zelensky, “Breaking the Armistice”. Poroshenko stopped at the border, political chaos in Ukraine – Libero Quotidiano

The stolen photos immediately spread on social media: the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko It was stopped at the border with PolandHis opposition party also declared “Solidarity”. The president defeated him Volodymyr Zelensky In 2019, however, it leads the second group in terms of the number of votes in the Verkhovna Rada where, since the … Read more