Zaniolo at Juventus, Bianconeri conditions: Arthur to negotiate or skip the deal. Di Maria in Turin

Zaniolo and the Juventus They love each other, but the Bianconeri are not crazy ready to take him to Turin. exactly the contrary. Director Cherubini does not move from the show already presented to Rome: Brazilian midfielder Arthur In the Giallorossi, its balance is between 20 and 25 million euros. In Turin, and that is … Read more

Roma, Premier League, Al-Khelaifi and Friedkin: beyond giving up the Gamper Cup

Rome There is a political match that divides the world of football. dividing it into two geopolitical spheres of influence. And that, in a rather direct way, would also have a huge impact on Roma’s choice to give up the Gamper Cup. But let’s go in order. Al-Khelaifi’s war on the Premier League clubs After … Read more

Zaniolo chose Juventus, but Roma don’t ignore it

Juventus is serious about it Niccolo Zaniolo. The Jewel of Rome, the decade ending in 2024, is much loved Massimiliano Allegri – Who sees him not only as a winger, but also as a midfielder – and for the club. Juventus FC is ready to offer a five-year contract worth 4 million plus progressive bonuses.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Roma: Why the forbidden dream can come true

Twenty years ago, cinema was immersed in football: “Beckham’s dream.” for several days, roma dreams of cristiano ronaldo. And as crazy as it sounds, it’s not a movie. The emotional outburst of the Ligue 1 conference win took Roma into a new dimension. Sometimes, it’s like a dream. And as in dreams, the collective delusion … Read more

Party in Rome today: open bus route and program

Let the party begin. An expected party fourteen years after the last cup, from that Italian cup that was celebrated at Olympico in 2008, after the victory over Inter V. Roberto Mancini (wax Spalletti On the seat, berries to raise the trophy to the sky) and sixty-one of the only international trophy, he won the … Read more

Roundabouts and fireworks in the city

there Rome win in Conference League In Tirana and in the capital the party explodes between fFireworks, barrels, firecrackers and whirlpools. Giallorossi flags and choirs in the streets of the center where thousands of fans flocked. From the outskirts of the historic Giallorossi, fans began to pour into the street before the whistle of the … Read more

Rome – Feyenoord, first accidents in Tirana: head injury in Albanian hospital, 9 Dutch nationals questioned

Tirana – First, serious problems of public order in Tirana, for the final of the Association Conference between Rome and Feyenoord. A 45-year-old Albanian was seriously injured in the head and taken to hospital inside the fan zone that includes the Dutch ultras group. The patient is admitted to the hospital without risking his life. … Read more