Direct war Today, May 21, Russia cuts gas supplies to Finland. The Azovs were evacuated, the steel factory in the hands of the Russians

The war, brought today May 21, the 87th day of Russian aggression against Ukraine. The Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol is completely under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. This was stated by the Moscow Defense Ministry, TASS reported, and also published a video of the surrender. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President … Read more

Azov Battalion: Prokopenko and Balamar, the commander and his deputy. Photo

The first military group that Russia accuses of neo-Nazis, the 30-year-old, is known as “Reddis”, his nickname when he was Dynamo Kyiv Ultra. Members of his family were killed by Moscow forces during the war in which the Finnish region of Karelia was transferred to the Soviet Union in 1939. Last March he was awarded … Read more

Ukraine, «Use phosphorous bombs». Russian soldiers drink toast after killing civilians

Investigating crimes war from the Russians in Ukraine. “The scale of the unlawful killings is shocking, and there are also indications of summary executions in areas north of Kyiv,” says the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Chilean Michelle Bachelet. We have information on about 300 such killings, but the data will continue to grow … Read more