American basketball star detained in Russia pleads guilty – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, July 07 – American basketball player Britney Grenier, who was arrested in February in Russia, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. “I would like to plead guilty to all charges,” he told the court, adding that he had “no intention of violating Russian law.” Athlete was arrested for possession of cannabis oil … Read more

Nations League: England – Italy 0-0 – Sports

Ten matches on Saturday in the Nations League: In addition to Italy, who draw in England and remain at the top (Group 3 of League A), there is Hungary, which stops Germany with a 1-1 draw. Zelensky and Dumfries scored in the 2-2 match between Holland and Poland, Belgium snatched away against Wales in the … Read more

Nations League: England – Italy 0-0 – Sports

England – Italy 0-0 In one of the group stage matches (Group C, Round Three) of the Nations League, tonight was played at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton. 79′ high shot by Ken70 & # 39; The blues are in pressure. It’s Gnonto’s turn, who nevertheless roars at the bottom62 & # 39; Header from Di … Read more

At the stadium of England and Italy 0-0, Mancini plays the Gatti LIVE match – the sport for the first time

At the stadium of England and Italy 0-0, Mancini made his debut in Gatti LIVE First appearance of Federico Gatti, Juventus defender on loan to Frosinone: This is Roberto Mancini’s selection for England and Italy, the third Nations League match scheduled for tonight at Wolverhampton. The coach lines up 4-3-3 with Donnarumma in goal, Di … Read more

Wembley is bitter this time and Argentina crush Italy – football

Italy’s return to Wembley is bittersweet, as they climbed to the top of Europe less than 12 months ago: In London, Lionel Messi’s Argentina dominated the Grand Final, highlighting – ruthlessly – all the current frontiers of Italian football and national team Roberto Mancini. Only one half left in the match, which is the first. … Read more