“They are afraid of losing their jobs. For the sake of power…” – Libero Quotidiano

As is well known, we have also given you an account for it freeAnd the Rita Dalla Chiesa He ended up in the eyes of the usual fools. Insults, threats and defensive scars Georgia Meloni. A story that the presenter talked about in an interview with the weekly newspaper newan interview in which he also … Read more

Rita Dalla Chiesa, "They turn in the grave": who ends up in court – Liberoquotidiano.it

Rita Dalla Chiesa “turn around in the grave”: who ends up in courtLiberoquotidiano.it Paola Paralli Gf Vip says no to Alfonso Signorini: Here’s whyleggo.it Older brother Vibe, Rita Dalla Chiesa at the court of Alfonso SignoriniAtmosphere Big Brother Vip 7, Signorini’s claw: Almost finished the historic face of the ForumGossip and TV Gf Vip 7 … Read more