How do they dispose of waste on the International Space Station?

A new system aboard the International Space Station “launches” garbage bags into space so that they burn in the atmosphere By EB / CorriereTv Currently, astronauts aboard the International Space Station have to collect the resulting waste and store it inside the station for several months, waiting for the Cygnus cargo ship to arrive and … Read more

The grain factory that the Russians bombed: ‘Leaving civilians without food’

Interview with two Ukrainian soldiers from the 63rd Brigade By Marta Serafini, forwarded to Snihurivka / CorriereTv We are in Snihurivka on the front line towards Kherson. Here a grain factory has just been bombed. As we walked we found the charred body of a man in civilian clothes. I managed to meet two Ukrainian … Read more

“You didn’t understand anything about Putin.” What really lies ahead – Libero Quotidiano

On the battlefield Russia In the past few hours he achieved an important victory, occupying the city Lyschanskthe last Ukrainian stronghold in Lugansk in the east of the country. Volodymyr Zelensky He sadly confirmed the withdrawal of troops, though he assured that his men would fight to retake the land. Starting from taking Lysychansk writer … Read more

Drako presents the Dragon, the ultra-fast SUV that will be produced in Italy by the former Ferrari and Maserati

After the first electric supercar, based on the chassis Fisker Karma Produced in a very limited edition, the Draco is ready to launch the first car produced from scratch on the market. It is located around Draco dragonwhich from the first circulating pictures we discovered to be a file SUV cars. Obviously, Draco’s goal remains … Read more

Floods in Austria, houses buried under the rubble of Carinthia – Corriere TV

Floods in Austria, buried homes under rubble in CarinthiaTV courier Bad weather: landslides and floods in Carinia, dead and missing in CarinthiaUdine today Austria: landslides and landslides due to heavy rain, two missing – Other news – New EuropeANSA Agency Mud trickles down the streets and houses, and Carinthia is overrun by bad weatherdolomite Austria: … Read more

She is in a wheelchair, and her partner is dancing during the Ultimo party – Corriere TV

She is in a wheelchair, and her partner is dancing during the Ultimo concertTV courier Ultimo’s concert becomes magical: she’s in a wheelchair, and he makes her dancedaily fact Glamor at the Ultimo party in Naples, she is in a wheelchair: she makes her dance. Video on Last time in Naples, Pino Daniele honored … Read more

The European Space Agency has upgraded the Mars Express Orbiter after 19 years

Planned obsolescence in the space domain is basically non-existent. Engineers aim to build solutions that can last in critical environments for a long time even without direct human intervention. One last example comes thanks to us ESA In particular to Mars fast probe which was launched on June 2, 2003 and has been in orbit … Read more

A crocodile approaches his bar, a man chases after him with frying pans

Already in 2018, another sample ate his dog Corriere A bar owner on Goat Island (in Niagara, USA), Kai Hansen, said that the fight started when the animal got too close and became aggressive. The man approached the river to see if the path was safe for visitors, armed with a frying pan. This is … Read more