Stranger Things 4, review and curiosity about the new season of the cult series Netflix :: Blog on Today

Involved He is finally out Stranger Things 4From May 27, the seven episodes of Season 4 (and penultimate) Season 1 will be available, and global audiences will decide whether or not the creation of the Duffer Brothers is still as phenomenal as it was. Weird things It’s definitely over, three years after season three that … Read more

Only in one country is it easier to buy than in the United States. ranking

Buying a firearm in the US, maybe in Texas, maybe if you’re an Italian citizen? If you’re satisfied with a frequent gun, unable to fire bursts, then (but a mod kit isn’t hard to find), just go to the always well stocked Armory section of a department store like Wallmart, for example For Elgin (Texas), … Read more

War, Russian fire on the Donbass: an attack on Severodonetsk. “It will be the new Mariupol.” Tensions with Minsk: “Ukrainian saboteurs in Belarus”

« to defend Donbass Between 50 and 100 soldiers die every day Zelensky The day the House of Representatives approved the presidential decree extending martial law until August 23. Severodonetsk. You have to get used to the name of this city, weighing its geographical position halfway between Kharkiv and Donetsk, in the heart of the … Read more

Direct war Today, May 21, Russia cuts gas supplies to Finland. The Azovs were evacuated, the steel factory in the hands of the Russians

The war, brought today May 21, the 87th day of Russian aggression against Ukraine. The Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol is completely under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. This was stated by the Moscow Defense Ministry, TASS reported, and also published a video of the surrender. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President … Read more

Ukraine, «Use phosphorous bombs». Russian soldiers drink toast after killing civilians

Investigating crimes war from the Russians in Ukraine. “The scale of the unlawful killings is shocking, and there are also indications of summary executions in areas north of Kyiv,” says the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Chilean Michelle Bachelet. We have information on about 300 such killings, but the data will continue to grow … Read more

What will Putin do at the May 9 celebrations: 3 hypotheses

Share On May 9 in Russia, the end of World War II was celebrated – the “Great Patriotic War” first of the Soviets and then of the Russians – the day on which the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany to Marshal Chukov was signed in Berlin in 1945. This date acquired great significance in Putinist … Read more

Today’s Lotto Draw and SuperEnalotto Numbers on Saturday 23 April 2022

Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10eLotto: Draws for today, Saturday 23 April 2022 at First, the numbers of all Lotto reels, then the six SuperEnalotto numbers plus the Jolly and Superstar number (with relative odds) and finally the winning combination of 10eLotto. Number “6” in the second draw of this week’s SuperEnalotto, and the Jackpot prize … Read more