American basketball star detained in Russia pleads guilty – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, July 07 – American basketball player Britney Grenier, who was arrested in February in Russia, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. “I would like to plead guilty to all charges,” he told the court, adding that he had “no intention of violating Russian law.” Athlete was arrested for possession of cannabis oil … Read more

Evaristo video is very popular on the web

Chronicle / Canto – Mariano Thursday 07 July 2022 Mariano Cummins The latest performance of the eccentric Perigo who says: “It was so hot, I desperately needed a shower” John the Christians You can find him on the driveways bathing on the roof of his R4 in a little blue puddle, or at the traffic … Read more

In the gallery 1800 parking spaces for those who have to go to the city

It was already talked about in 2019, then the epidemic arrived and the project was postponed. The bars have now arrived at the Maxi car park in Fiera, in Via Lunga: the goal is to make this stretch of perpetually deserted car park the city’s largest interchange between cars, public transport and sharing services. . … Read more

Blind rage for a right of way: motorist in handcuffs

Two minutes of hitting, punching out the window, kicking and pushing with frankly impressive violence. A series of hits in the face of the opponent even as the latter tried to get out of the car and ended up on the ground. All this in front of other stunned motorists (one of them also tried … Read more

Payments after 10′ of delay

Fee refund highway to Delay higher than 10 minutesThey are recognized directly on the basis of your vehicle’s license plate and without the need to ask any questions, announcements or reminders. After an experiment that started last September 15,cashback with plate“On the entire network operated by Autostrade per l’Italia which will allow motorists experiencing delays … Read more