The war in Ukraine, the Italian paradox: exports to Russia halved, imports doubled

10/10 © Forsa The bottom line: we take less gas from the Russians, prices are going down, but still so high and we take so much gas that Italy’s trade deficit with Russia is rising to the levels we’ve seen. So we, like almost all European countries, We continue to fund Putin’s Russia

Humiliation and sexual harassment – Libero Quotidiano

Mauro Zanon May 28, 2022 They just entered Sweden, convinced that they would find a safe and free place of customs and culture near their home country, Ukraine. Alternatively, at the Galaxen Reception Centre, a OlofstromIn southern Sweden, they were immediately reprimanded and told to dress “as it should”: that is, not in light and … Read more

Ukraine war Russia, today the latest news about the crisis and Putin. directly

Kherson in the hands of Russia closes access to the rest of Ukraine Ukraine’s Kherson region, which is completely occupied by Russian forces, has closed all access to the rest of the territory of Ukraine, according to the deputy head of the Russian administration for the region, Kirill Strimosov. “The borders are now closed for … Read more

Ukraine, long live the war. Lukashenko, “Ready to defend us.” Belarus invaded, disturbing scenario – Libero Quotidiano

“The Russians are circumventing sanctions.” President Volodymyr Zelensky sounded the alarm, stressing that the war in Ukraine, which has reached the 95th day, is taking a negative turn for Kyiv. On the field, Russia is ahead in the east, the real target of this second (but perhaps not the last) stage. On the diplomatic level, … Read more

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church cuts off all ties with Russia

(ANSA) – Kyiv, May 27 – The part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that is still linked to Moscow claims to have cut all ties with Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, declaring “full independence”. “We disagree with the position of Moscow Patriarch Kirill … on the war,” the church said in a statement after … Read more

How will it end – Libero Quotidiano

Russian military tactics in three months of war in ukraine “It has not changed. Already at the beginning of the operation, when there were Russian units practically encircling Kyiv from the north, in fact, the main effort was made by Crimea from the direction of Mariupol And from Donbass from the direction of Mariupol. So … Read more

Ukraine war Russia, today the latest news about the crisis and Putin. directly

Duma “The majority of the world supports Russia” “The United States has lost the support of the majority in the world. The latest votes in the United Nations show that countries that do not support Washington represent the majority of the world’s population.” The head of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, wrote on a telegram. Two … Read more

Ukrainian War Russia, Dragon: "I don’t see a glimmer of peace". Mubasher – Sky Tg24

Ukrainian war in Russia, Draghi: “I do not see a glimmer of peace.” He livesSky Tg24 Ukraine, Draghi: Who is Putin’s glimmer of peace? noNational newspaper Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Kyiv recognizes: Moscow is “advanced” in the Lugansk region. the Dragon …Republic Putin Draghi, the phone call: joint efforts to solve the food … Read more

Davos: Franco, no recession, we will reduce debt – Economy

Italy will be spared the winds of recession, and will be able to reduce its debt again this year after falling more than four points of GDP in 2021. As long as the “significant risks” associated with war and energy prices, an unknown factor for the global economy, are not realized. Daniel Franco makes his … Read more