The Higgs Boson is the cornerstone of the new physics – Physics and Mathematics

The Higgs boson is only past history: despite its discovery ten years ago, this famous particle is still the cornerstone of discovering new laws of nature and opening the doors of so-called new physics. Its allies will be the particle accelerators of the future, more powerful and complex, and together they will be able to … Read more

“The guy hasn’t even looked yet”

The next July 12 It will be a historical story for science lovers. On that day, NASA announced that it would share the “deepest picture of our universe” ever taken James Webb Space Telescope. Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator, said the image will appear “Oldest things ever”. Then he added, “It’s farther than humanity has ever … Read more

The night sky is polluted by ‘photobomber’ moons – space and astronomy

The vertical lines in the center of the image are traces of Starlink moons, crossing those left by stars, in the sky of New Mexico (Source: M. Lewinsky, CC BY 2.0) © ANSA / Ansa Exploding astrophotos is a growing problem: A large number of satellites In orbit, especially those in the larger constellations, such … Read more