“The patient can infect 17 other people.”

Omicron 5 and the alternative subordinate Corona virus disease More contagious: it is able to bypass immune defenses caused by disease as well as by vaccines. Translator: Those who have already contracted the Covid virus can become infected again and those who received three doses of the vaccine remain vulnerable to infection caused by this … Read more

Omicron 5, whose symptoms are showing the variant that will soon dominate in Italy

He explained that “the two new options endanger the summer.” Fabrizio Brigliascovirologist at Milan State University and medical director of the Galleazzi Hospital in Milan, A cusano tv italy. It is clearly referring to Variants of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5also called simply Omicron 4 and Omicron 5. For this reason, it is recommended for weak … Read more

Omicron 5: Symptoms to recognize, doubts about tampons and holiday tips

No, it wasn’t cold from the air conditioning. And she didn’t spend a single night in bed, sweating from the heat. That malaise, those aches and sore throat with fever, it’s caused by covid. In more and more cases. The virus has returned to spread in its new version Omicron 5.

The alternative Omicron vaccine is ready in the summer

The Covid vaccine has been updated for variants of Omicron – while Omicron 5 rises to the fore – that the coronavirus could arrive at the end of the summer. to announce it modern Illustrate some promising results from a phase 2/3 study that “achieving all primary end points” identified for the trial. 50 mcg … Read more

Circular from the Ministry of Health

While in Italy, the number of people diagnosed with monkeypox infection has risen to six (5 in Rome, and one in Arezzo), a circular from the Ministry of Health states that antitoxin vaccinations for contacts at risk and health care should be considered. professionals. The circular signed by Director-General Giovanni Reda contains indications on reporting, … Read more