Vitamin D: How to get your daily dose with this simple trick suggested by a nutritionist

Vitamin D: How to get your daily dose with a simple trick suggested by a Melbourne nutritionist. © laurafordnutrition / tiktok Laura Ford is the name of the nutritionist from Melbourne who unveiled a trick that went viral on Tik Tok to increase your daily dose of Vitamin D. Leave the mushrooms in the sun … Read more

Vitamin D deficiency? You can tell by your sense of smell

Lack in Vitamin D? You might notice this by a very specific symptom: lossgoing. This vitamin is essential to our health because it helps the body absorb calcium and protects the bones, muscles, and heart. The truth is that there is a deficiency in the foods we usually eat, and therefore many people can suffer … Read more

This is the unexpected fruit that will help you beat vitamin D deficiency (plus oranges)

Vitamin D, also called the sunshine vitamin, is essential for the well-being of our bodies. Let’s find out what fruit we will put on the table to counteract the deficiency and promote proper integration. © Olinka / 123rf there Vitamin D It is essential for the body to function and its deficiency can lead to … Read more